tomas barrisIs never done at all again and less in sport. It is said that always they are the modals, which indicate a way to continue. When one tries to look for the roots of the sport that he practises, there is nothing better that to there come to the historical memory and to the recollection of those persons, who preceded us, that with his work, and tenacity, made possible the appearance of our athletic tests.


As one of the modals, it will be enough to us to remember the first athletic test recognized in the book of the International Athletic Foundation, with date of March 17, 1826, when a professional British athlete, called Andrew Beattie, obtained in the Scotch population of Mount Benger, a distance of 12.95m. In the test of triple jump, in the course of the Games Border Scottish.


From those distant dates, they have happened infinity of movements, so much in his chronology, since in his technical advances or the appearance of new disciplines. For all that, the intention of inserting historical these, obeys to creating a point of meeting, from where, though it is of an outlined form, it could initiate the search of the origins of every athletic test, since likewise, of his gratifying and beautiful histories of any epoch and moment.


MEN Published WOMEN Published
100 metros 27/04/2010 100 metros 27/05/2010
200 metros 22/10/2013 200 metros 19/11/2013
400 metros 09/09/2013 400 metros 30/09/2013

800 metros

23/04/2013 800 metros 16/07/2009
1500 metros 23/05/2013 1500 metros 15/12/2011
5000 metros 30/06/2013 5000 metros 22/07/2013
10000 metros 16/12/2010 10000 metros 07/01/2011
Maratón 30/10/2010 Maratón 30/11/2010
110 metros vallas 24/06/2012 80-100 metros vallas 30/08/2010
400 metros vallas 01/07/2009 400 metros vallas 04/07/2009
3000 m obstáculos 03/09/2009 3000 m obstáculos 03/09/2009
Altura 17/11/2008 Altura 17/11/2008
Pértiga 27/02/2009 Pértiga 17/03/2009
Longitud 22/08/2009 Longitud 30/0//2009
Triple 30/05/2009 Triple 30/05/2009
Peso 31/04/2011 Peso 31/03/2011
Disco 13/07/2011 Disco 30/07/2011
Martillo 29/06/2010 Martillo 20/07/2011
Jabalina 20/01/2010  Jabalina 28/02/2010 
Decatlón 05/01/2012 Heptatlón 10/02/2012
20 Km marcha 09/03/2017 20 Km marcha 26/11/2013

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