During his athletics career, Tomás Barris, received numerous tokens of  recognition, both from official organizations and sporting entities. He remembers them all with gratitude and affection, although the one that affected him most was, perhaps, in October 1995, in the Salon de Sant Jordi in the Catalan Government building, the Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya, where President Jordi Pujol, awarded him with a medal accrediting him, alongside other historic Catalan sportsmen, as a  SHAPER OF  THE HISTORY OF CATALAN SPORT. It was a very emotional moment for him, especially considering that one of those present at the act was the  President of the I.O.C, Juan A. Samaranch, who had championed Barris from his very beginnings and had had a great influence on him throughout his career.


Tomás Barris receiving the award as a Shaper of the History of Catalan Sport from the Catalan President Jordi Pujol, in the presence of Juan A. Samaranch


In the presence of SS. Magestades the Kings of Spain, Tomás Barris, waiting to receive the Medal of the Royal Order of Merit Sports


After receiving the Diploma of the 50 Anniversary of the Olympic Games of Rome of 1960, together with His Majesty the Queen of Spain Doña Sofia and the President of the Olympic Comité Spanish, Alejandro Blanco, in Madrid the day 30 of September of 2010


  • Medal accrediting him a Shaper of the History of Catalan Sport.
  • Entry into the Royal Order of Sporting Merit, with the Bronze Medal.
  • Medal Accrediting him a Pioneer of the History of Catalan Sport
  • Cross of Merit of the Spanish Government.
  • Silver Medal for Sporting Merit of the International Athletics Federation (I.A.A.F.).
  • Silver Medal for Sporting Merit of the City of Barcelona.
  • Silver Medal for Sporting Merit of the Barcelona Regional Govt.
  • Baron Güell trophy as the best Spanish athlete in the international arena in 1958.
  • Gold Medal of the Spanish Athletics Federation.
  • Gold Medal of the Catalan Athletics Federation.
  • Chosen Best Spanish Sportsman in 1959.
  • Thirty-four recognized absolute Spanish records in open air track events  (a record in the history of Spanish athletics).
  • Sixteen times absolute Spanish Champion in open air track events.
  • Selected as an Olympic Athlete in the Rome Games.
  • Winner of 58 International Meetings  (a record in the history of Spanish athletics).
  • Winner of 28 encounters with the Spanish team.
  • Selected for the European Outdoor Championships in Stockholm and Belgrade.
  • Gold and Silver Medals in the Mediterranean Games in Beirut and Naples.
  • Silver Medal in the Iber-American Games in Santiago (Chile) and Madrid.
  • Bronze Medal in the World Athletics Games in Helsinki.
  • Silver Medal European Cros Team Championships , in Arlon (Belgium) the year 1963 and Pontivi (France) in the 1964, wit the F.C.Barcelona.
  • Represented Spain 55 times in International competitions with the Spanish team.
  • Silver Plaque of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation 1965.
  • Gold and brilliant badge of the Barcelona " Blanquiazul" cliff.
  • "Silver Hórreo" tropy of the Vigo city.
  • Gold and brilliant badge of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation.
  • "Teresa Herrera" trophy of the Galician Athletics Federation.
  • Gold badge of the A.D.Rayo Vallecano of Madrid.
  • Silver Medal of the "First Centenary Catalonian Athletics"
  • Gold badge of the C.A.Laietania of Mataró city.
  • Awarded with "Sport Mèrit" of the U. F. E. C.
  • Awarded with "Silvestre of the year" of the "A.D.Rayo Vallecano of Madrid.
  • Member of the Panathlón Club of Barcelona
  • "Silver Shell" trophy of the Galician Atheltics Federation.
  • Awarded with "Olímpic Spirit" of the C.O.C.
  • Member of the Spanish Association of Athletics Statistics (AEEA)


Tomás Barris with the trophy of The Best Spanish Sportsman of the year 1959