My autobiographical book


"Tomás Barris: el atleta que abrió las puertas de Europa"




This book is a historical approximation to Tomás Barris's profile, one of the greatest pioneers of athletics in Spain. This illustrious middle distance runner (Barcelona, 1930) was the first one who went out to compete in the big European meetings, something so habitual nowadays, showing the way to the rest of athletes who came behind. He showed that Europe was not so far away and that the Spanish athletes could go out to compete abroad without complexes. The stadiums of Berlin, Stockholm, Oslo or Helsinki were witnesses of exception of the wanderings of our protagonist. Of special significance was his exploit on August 29, 1958 in Turku (Finland) when he registered an exceptional Spanish record of 3:41.7 in 1.500 metres, a performance which in that moment was the 19th in the world's all-time lists. In a Spanish level this performance would be late a decade in being overcome. Along the pages of this book you can check how a child who made his debut in the Jean Bouin race being only 16 years old make his dream of being one of the most important European middle distance runners come true. And the most important thing, being the inspiration of the athletes who came behind.


Tomás Barris career was an example to the current generations of athletes. He hoards the virtues of a good sportsman: spirit of overcoming, capacity of sacrifice, talent, work, discipline… A model sportsman he always stood out for being a great competitor and for his nobleness in the treatment with everybody. Tomás Barris has gained the respect and the admiration of everybody and holds the honorific title of legend of the Spanish sport for his sports and human career.

[Juan Antonio Samaranch]


Edited by: Asociación Española de estadísticos de Atletismo - AEEA (January 2010)
Authors: Ignacio Mansilla and José Luis Hernández
Format: 170x240mm - written in Spanish and Catalan
Pages: 188
Prize: 15 euros (envy costs included)


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